What is
"Digital MobilizationSM"?

Many enterprises are are realizing they require major initiatives to use information as an enterprise asset by applying digital innovations including Cloud Technology and Data Services. The firm calls this Digital Mobilization,SM and Digital Mobilizations, Inc. (DMI) serves senior executive champions responsible for these initiatives with the comprehensive engineering support they need.

Why Choose
Digital Mobilizations, Inc. (DMI)?

    DMI delivers unique Digital MobilizationSM services, tools, and techniques tailored to meet end-to-end engineering needs.
  • DMI's Transition Critical PathSM(TCP) Tool and Methodology combines private sector and public sector best practices, simplifying the process of assessing opportunities, adapting systems, integrating operations, and using contemporary Data Science to improve enterprise outcomes. DMI applies Data Science (including decision algorithms, Graph Analytics, and Machine Learning) in support of enterprise strategies.
  • DMI offers the champions of Digital MobilizationSM the support they need to reorient the structure, flow, and management of their enterprise information. DMI fuses Agile development methods (to deliver accelerated results) with Programmatic initiative methods (to accommodate longer budget cycles).
  • DMI engineering ensures that key guiding artifacts [the Mission/Business Case, the Concept of Operations (CONOPS), and the Reference Architecture] align to achieve tangible and strategic benefits for the enterprise.